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Summertime invites road trips, family barbecues, beach days, and more friendly festivities, and staying safe on the road is key to showing up with confidence. When the heat index gets extremely high, who wants to drain the fun with the costly risk of an overheated engine? The service experts at Linus Buick GMC suggest avoiding this expense and know just what your vehicle needs to stay at optimum health. Check out our GMC summer service checklist for ensuring the health of your vehicle all summer long:

Regular Oil Changes

Fresh oil renewal is an easy way to lubricate and protect your engine chamber from wear and tear. It can also maximize performance and improve fuel mileage. Visit your home for GMC service this summer for an oil change every 5,000 miles or so to preserve your engine.

Examine All Tires

Tire pressures often swell in the sizzling days of summer. Fluctuation is common. However, proper tire inflation aids performance and prevents excessive road damage. Check your manual or the driver’s side door to find the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) for your tires.

Check Fluid Levels

Hydration is crucial in life. Since evaporation occurs when liquids reach a specific temperature, it is imperative to replenish your fluids. Drive through our GMC express service to top off your fluids for the summer season.

Inspect Air Conditioning

There is surely nothing fun about being stuck in traffic with an air conditioning unit that is not working. Before we reach the peak of the heat this summer, test out your AC for optimal comfort. There could be a blockage, or we may simply need a to fill your refrigerant.

Your Linus Buick GMC Summer Service Plan

There is no greater place to keep your GMC fine-tuned. We are happy to schedule your vehicle’s maintenance plan at Linus Buick GMC service center so that you are ready for every adventure this summer has to offer you and your family. Our expert certified technicians are trained for all makes and models, and we only use the highest quality of parts. Please speak with our staff about scheduling your GMC summer service trips today!
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