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Wintertime, even in sunny Florida, can be very hard on your Buick or GMC model. Severe storms, strong winds, and even the occasional snowfall can wear down the health of your ride. Before you decide to hit the road and enjoy the spring weather, the expert service department at your GMC dealer recommends that you look over your vehicle and schedule an appointment for us to inspect your car, truck, or SUV model. Knowing your vehicle is in great condition will give you peace of mind as you drive this spring. Here are several spring tips from Linus Buick GMC that you can do before coming in for your maintenance appointment:

– Look Over Your Tires. Take a good look at the condition of your tires. If they seem rundown, come to Linus Buick GMC. We will make sure they are in top condition as well as rotate your all-season radials.
– Check Your Windshield Wiper Blades. Your windshield wiper blades are used frequently during the winter season and also can become corroded from salt treatments placed on the road to melt any ice. Your GMC Fort Pierce dealer thinks it is a great idea to look over your wiper blades and get them replaced if needed.
– Examine Your Exterior. It is very important to inspect the status of your Buick or GMC model after the winter season ends. Damp or harsh conditions, ice treatments on road surfaces, rough terrains, and other factors can take a toll on your paint job and underside. A high-pressure sprayer is very useful to remove any build-up from salt, and a service appointment with your GMC dealer will get your vehicle looking brand-new.
– Gauge Your Fuel Levels. You will certainly want to check the levels of your antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid. Even if they aren’t that low, we still recommend that you top them off anyway for good measure.
– See How Your Brakes Are Doing. Your brakes are among the most important components for driving in the winter. That places a large amount of stress on them and causes them to break down at a faster rate. You should listen for harsh squealing or grinding noise as you drive down the road. Even if you don’t hear anything, it is smart to have them inspected by our dedicated service team.

At Linus Buick GMC, we hope that these tips can help get your Buick or GMC model prepared to transport you on all of your springtime journeys. We cannot wait to give you the outstanding maintenance you need to really enjoy spring. Schedule a service appointment with us today!

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